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Recommended Products

These are some of the recommended products that we recommend. We are not sponsored. Since there's been many questions about the products, we decided to place a list here so friends and patients can have better access. Just a heads up that some links are affiliate links and a small bit would be going to support the clinic. Appreciate your time and support!

Their hydration electrolytes, Hydra-Charge has less than 1g of sugar and provides antioxidant support. (Strawberry Yuzu flavor is pretty good)

If you're on your mouse quite often, I recommend getting a vertical mouse. Less stress on your wrist and keeps your wrist in a more natural position. Something like this would be beneficial, however it may take some time to get use to.

There are a lot of pillows out there, there's no one

size fits all unfortunately. You can give this cervical pillow a try.

This is a 5lb resistance band that's great for rehab exercises.

This coccyx seat cushion is great for those who sit for long hours. It's firm enough to hold the body's weight and at the same time provides comfort especially for the tailbone.

Relieve neck tension with the cervical traction device.

This type of bolster is beneficial for low back pain relief when placed underneath the knees when sleeping on the back.



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