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Visualising the Healing Process


Each and every day, people are being healed at Jenny Tu Acupuncture. With our fully equipped and totally relaxing facilities, our clients truly see the benefit of choosing our clinic. Curious to see what we look like? View our gallery below to get a glimpse for yourself, and please reach out if you have any questions whatsoever.


Dear Jenny,
I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your complete understanding and ability to help heal my powerlifting injury. Your experience and professional knowledge has allowed me to continue to train for the Phoenix Europa Powerlifting Competition. After my shoulder injury, you studied the problem area and have been working on it to get it back to a point that I could compete. I really want to thank you and 99 Barbell for helping me do that.

As a competitive Powerlifter, and at the age of 64, things happen to our bodies when we push them to their limit. Your Acupuncture treatments and herbal therapy have made it possible for me to continue and be competitive.

I would hope that other clients and potential clients see the benefits to being a member of 99 Barbell. The culture of your family mission and the members create an atmosphere of family and competitive existence in fitness. For that, my family enjoys being members and recommends you to anyone looking for a place to get in shape and stay healthy.
Again, thank you for fixing my injury and for your total understanding of caring for the body. Please share my thoughts with Julie and the rest of our members.


Gary Padilla SR

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