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Mountain Range

Got Insurance?

Check if we are in your network

We are contracted with American Specialty Health starting April 1st, 2023.

Please verify insurance before your appointment.



Acupuncture IS an eligible service covered by your HSAs and FSAs! 


Jenny Tu Acupuncture is registered as a healthcare provider with the credit card processing provider that we utilize. You can easily use your FSA/HSA card to cover the cost of acupuncture or your co-pay! No need to worry about receipts or getting refunded because of this, using your FSA and HSA accounts with us is hassle free and worry free. 

Don't let your funds expire or just sit there (depending on your specific plan)! Put them to good use to cover your acupuncture session(s). 

Insurance Verification

When making an appointment either online or on the phone, you can use our system to verify your insurance. However, if you want to make sure beforehand, feel free to fill this insurance verification 

Thanks for submitting! We will get in contact with you regarding your insurance soon! If you still have questions feel free to just give us a call. 

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